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 Triumph des Willens (Triumph of the Will) (1935)

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PostSubject: Triumph des Willens (Triumph of the Will) (1935)   Mon Apr 06, 2009 5:31 pm

Adolf Hitler ... Himself (lauded by Hess, Physical Labour speech to RAD, Behind Us Comes Germany speech to HJ, We Created Our State speech, Black Shadow speech to SA, reviews parade, Two Principles speech to Party)
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Max Amann ... Himself (views parade of SA in long pants, no banners)
Martin Bormann ... Himself (sits on Hitler's left, at HJ rally, enters hall behind Hess, sits behind Streicher)
Walter Buch ... Himself (views parade of SA in long pants, no banners, views SS parade)
Walter Darré ... Himself (Health of Our Farmers speech)
Otto Dietrich ... Himself (Truth About Germany speech)
Sepp Dietrich ... Himself (Commander of the SS-Leibstandarten)
Hans Frank ... Himself (speech)
Josef Goebbels ... Himself (arrives by plane with Hitler, Bright Flame speech, at HJ rally, views RAD parade, listens to Hitler)
Hermann Göring ... Himself (listens to Hess, reviews Army, parades in SA uniform then joins Hitler, listens to Hitler, stands and nods agreement)
Jakob Grimminger ... Blood Flag Bearer
Rudolf Hess ... Himself (opens Congress, You Are Germany speech, at HJ rally, reviews parade, sits on Hitler's right, introduces Hitler, listens to Hitler, Hitler Is Germany speech)
Reinhard Heydrich ... Himself (views SS parade with other officers by Hitler's car)
Konstantin Hierl ... Himself (National Labour Service speech, presents RAD to Hitler, leads RAD parade then joins Hitler)
Heinrich Himmler ... Himself (walks to flame with Hitler and Lutze, leads SS at SA rally, leads SS parade then joins Hitler, sits beside Lutze, listens to Hitler)
Robert Ley ... Himself (reviews DAF with Hitler, Single Thought speech, salutes SA parade, listens to Hitler with Schwarz)
Viktor Lutze ... Himself (speech as new SA leader, walks to flame with Hitler, Faithful to Führer speech, leads SA parade then joins Hitler, sits between Himmler and Hess, listens to Hitler)
Erich Raeder ... Himself (listens to Hess, salutes SA parade when Göring sighted)
Fritz Reinhardt ... Himself (Improvements speech)
Alfred Rosenberg ... Himself (Unshakeable Belief speech)
Hjalmar Schacht ... Himself
Franz Xaver Schwarz ... Himself (sits between Wagner and Himmler, listens to Hitler with Ley)
Julius Streicher ... Himself (stands with Hitler, Purity Of Race speech, sits on Hitler's left near podium, nods in agreement with Hitler)
Fritz Todt ... Himself (Autobahn speech)
Werner von Blomberg ... Himself (reviews Army units with Hitler and Göring)
Hans Georg von Friedeburg ... Himself (salutes SA parade when Göring sighted)
Gerd von Rundstedt ... Himself (behind Raeder as he salutes, views Army parade with officers) (unconfirmed)
Baldur von Schirach ... Himself (in car, arrives at stadium with Hitler, Selfless Youth speech to HJ, views SS parade, listens to Hitler)
Adolf Wagner

Director: Leni Riefenstahl

The biggest pep rally ever filmed. And, quite possibly, the most expensive exploitation movie ever made, when you consider the costs- millions of lives and the destruction of Europe. All-star cast.
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Triumph des Willens (Triumph of the Will) (1935)
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