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 Help identifying 70s Boarding School-Convent type T&A film

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PostSubject: Help identifying 70s Boarding School-Convent type T&A film   Sat Aug 30, 2014 2:09 pm

Been trying to find the name of this film for about 10 years.

It was released in the USA in the mid-late 70s -- probably sometime between 74 and 78, but certainly sometime in the 70s.

I forget most of the plot, but what I do recall is that
1) Took place in a girls' boarding school, probably a convent school at that.
2) Distinctly European, probably either Italian, Spanish, or French.
3) It had some weird subplot involving some decidedly non-Catholic rites going on in the basement or catacombs below, involving a nude girl and large snake.
4) The girls definitely snuck out and "went partying" at night.
5) There was definitely an English-dubbed version.
6) Was NOT a comedy.
7) Not much gore, probably none, so I don't think it was a Giallo.

Anyone able to help identify this film? Feel free to ask questions if any would help in narrowing it down or identifying it.

It's been driving me nuts -- I showed the film spoof, "Kentucky Fried Movie" to a friend, and he did not believe that the "Catholic High School Girls In Trouble" spoof bit was an actual film genre... Figured I'd find this film and use it to prove that it really was a genre. Since then it's become more of a quest.

The title would be nice... A source, either legit or non-legit would also be appreciated.
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Help identifying 70s Boarding School-Convent type T&A film
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